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About Me: Experience; Qualifications; Testimonials
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My Own Experiences of Healing

My own healing journey began many years ago, and along the way I was able to work through various debilitating and challenging issues. Eventually, I came to

the realisation that I have a passion for helping others to work through their own issues.


As a client in the world of healing, modalities which I have experienced include: both long and short term Counselling; both long and short term Psychotherapy; experiential Dramatherapy in an ongoing group setting; over a dozen further healing modalities including Hypnotherapy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Life Coaching and Family Constellations.


I have over 30 years of experience working in music and media, across various areas within the industry. I am especially interested in the creative process, and I write music, have done voice work, and sometimes take acting classes. I have taken courses in Dramatherapy at City Lit in London, to further my exploration, experience and understanding of the use of performance arts processes as used in healing.

My approach to counselling has been influenced and is inspired by the psychoanalytical theory and method of therapy known as Transactional Analysis (TA), as presented by Eric Berne. My interest in TA led to my attending, and gaining certificates from, the Metanoia Institute in London, although I point out that these certificates do not enable me to practice as a TA counsellor or psychotherapist.

Although I have experienced some of the benefits of more orthodox healing modalities, I have been drawn increasingly towards spiritually orientated and holistic approaches. As a client I enjoy integrating various methodologies while also focusing on aspects of creativity and community for recreation and connection. Doing so enables me to maintain a holistic perspective to healing

and it is this approach which guides my work with clients.

Certificates and Qualifications

- Diploma in Hypnotherapy (London College of Hypnotherapy, 2018)

- Diploma in Holistic Healing (Holistic Healing College, 2018)

- Diploma in Spiritual Counselling (Holistic Healing College, 2018) 

- Certificate in Spiritual Life Coaching (Holistic Healing College, 2018) 

- Certificate: Introductory Transactional Analysis 101 Course (Metanoia               Institute, 2015) 

- Foundation Certificate in Humanistic Counselling Skills & Studies 

  (Metanoia Institute, 2015) 

[Certificates can be viewed in the Photos section of my Facebook page (see link at top of screen)]  

I have also participated in a long term - 32 weeks - experiential Dramatherapy group and have taken courses in Dramatherapy at City Lit in London.

My involvement with Dramatherapy, which takes some of its influence from

the work of Jung, inspires my creative approach to healing although it is not my intention to train as a Dramatherapist.


I felt comfortable in the space to express myself, that Gary was with me, and that it was safe to go deeper.

I presented my issue and then allowed myself to be guided through a dialogue with myself.

Having Gary there to guide me allowed the un-folding of a way of relating to myself in a different way.

Further insights and understanding came to me after the session, which I attribute to the parts work exercise we did.

            - Raphael

I felt utterly at ease and safe which enabled Gary to take me deep into my subconscious. I was fully in control throughout but I know that I faced up to a very deep-seated memory. After the session, I felt as if a weight had been lifted. I have felt more positive, happier in myself, more confident and more able to set up my new business.

Thank you Gary

            - Jean

© Copyright 2021 Gary Stokes
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